Dingwall, Ross-shire

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Disabled Customer Transport


Our wheelchair accessible taxis are accessible to the widest possible range of passengers. Electric lifts provide convenient and dignified entry for wheelchair users and a built-in securing facility holds chairs in place throughout the journey. The elderly or those with moderate walking difficulties can make use of the intermediate step. Movement inside the passenger compartment is made easier thanks to easy-grip grab handles which are highlighted, along with seat edging, in colour-contrast material to help people with impaired vision.


Our wheelchair accessible taxis include the following accessibility features:


  • Electric lift
  • Four-point wheelchair restraint belt with over-centre clamp.
  • Yellow grab handles and seat edges for poorly sighted passengers.
  • Integral child seat with lap and diagonal seat belts.


Airport Meet & Greet


Being acutely aware of the importance of arriving on time for flights, C&E Taxis drivers are dedicated to giving top priority to all hires travelling to the airport, be it Inverness Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Glasgow Airport, Edinburgh Airport or Prestwick International Airport or any other.


Next time you book one of our taxis to travel to Inverness Airport why not request a booking for your return journey at the same time. All you need do on your return to the airport is to collect your luggage and a taxi will be waiting for you.


If you can confirm your arrival time by phone. +44 (0)1349 86 24 12. A taxi can be waiting for you.


Inverness Airport Pickup Point


The front door of arrivals unless otherwise directed by airport staff.


Business Accounts



The Company: C&E taxis was formed in 1985 and was taken over in 2004. We have over 20 years experience in providing taxi services to both the private and business sectors of Highland Council, and surrounding districts.


Other Account users: Serco, Sepa, N.H.S 24, International Medical, to name just a few.


Call Centre: Our Call Centre is staffed 24 hours every day of the year.


Availability: C&E Taxis has fourteen licensed taxis which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Three of our taxis are wheelchair accessible to assist in the transportation of disabled persons, one of which can have multiple wheelchairs. Two 8 seat minibuses and one 7 seat minibus.


Services: We pride ourselves on the service provided to all our customers but more especially to account customers to whom we give a priority service. Taxis are used mainly for the transportation of people but for a small additional charge, we can deliver small, unaccompanied parcels and letters.


We also offer other services which include extended credit facilities to cover Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London (details of which are available on request).


Charges: Taxi fares are regulated by Highland Council. Our charges are based on the metered rate as set by the council.


Fixed Prices: Out-of-area journeys to destinations such as Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen etc can be agreed prior to the journey's commencement.


Advantages: By opening an account with C&E Taxis you can be assured that:


  • You and your staff will be safe and secure.
  • No longer will you require to be concerned with petty cash vouchers and unreadable torn, dirty receipts for taxi journeys.


You will receive a fully itemised monthly invoice detailing:


  • The time and date of the journey.
  • The name of the person travelling.
  • The destination.
  • The charge incurred.


Security: After an account is opened customers are provided with an account code and a three digit pin number. Each separate department within your company can be provided with a pin number unique to that department. This allows your company Accountant to easily check each department's spend on taxis.


Your account cannot be used unless your code and pin are quoted at time of ordering taxi.


The security of your account rests with you.


Technology: C&E Taxi dispatches fares to the nearest available taxi using the latest Global Positioning system technology (G.P.S).


Drivers: All of our drivers are licensed and vetted by Highland Council and require to undergo a test of their knowledge of the Highlands before being licensed. In addition all drivers are trained in the use of our computer system and customer's service expectations by our in-house trainers.


Each driver is given a unique system login number and pin number so that we know who is driving any taxi at any given time.


Conclusion: By opening an account with C&E Taxis you will be engaging the services of a company that cares for its customers, has 20 plus years experience in the service industry, uses the most up to date advanced technology and can be trusted to look after your interests.


Note: Account terms are 30 days net. All accounts are subject to a 10% administration charge.


Fare Guide


Taxi fares in Dingwall are regulated by Highland Council and reviewed annually. Fares travelling beyond the Highland boundaries are not regulated and therefore subject to negotiation. A surcharge may be applicable.